Category: fragments

street lights flicker
across Loch Erisort
the slow wait for dawn

two jackdaws
in the barebones of a tree –
yesterday’s sandwich

all the houses of the township
bathed in electric light

a stag bellows
across Loch Seaforth
the silence of old stones

giving up
the search for meaning
freshly chopped ginger

yellow gorse
against a glowering sky
I hear my father’s voice

colourless morning the swagger of a jackdaw down the road

dusty afternoon:
a bramble leaf reddens
along the towpath

flashing low across the water
this screech of prayer

a pine above the car park first the male and then the female blackbird

late sunlight on the surface of the canal the splash of a swallow

red spots on a yellow leaf beside the bramble flowers, lit by sun

bird seed, pigeons and a pair of jackdaws in Bathgate, Sunday morning

mud frozen hard the path a cloud of steam rising round an old man’s head

across the street blue xmas lights flash a moth in the slats of the blind

his eyes droop against the way the rain runs down the window, morning train

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