Category: journal notes

bending to stroke
a black cat –
three jackdaws

shadows of bin on
brown slats of fence
an old leaf turns in the sunlight

leaving work a jackdaw drinking from the puddle in the drive

Walking This Earth

This has been a strange and unsettling ten days in the UK. So many things are in flux, the future uncertain, huge questions being asked about politics, identity, nationality, and at the deepest…


I was half watching a programme the other night about space. The presenter was talking about gravity. One way to think about gravity, he said, is that everything in the universe is just…

a facebook birthday
all the lives
I used to have

A Sense of Belonging

I read something the other day that started me thinking about gratitude, and belonging. How we feel a sense of gratitude when we feel that we belong – and perhaps that we feel…

ice frozen fingers
a sudden cloud of summer,
brushing lavender

Welcoming the Snowdrops

When does a year begin? For me it is this day, when the sun is finally shining and you walk out in hope because surely they must be here by now, and even…

The Light of this Day

One of the biggest gifts of photography, for me, is that it teaches me to notice and appreciate the light. The way it falls, the way it moves and changes, the way it…